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Why is the first cream in winter so popular?

Why is the first cream in winter so popular?

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(Summary description)The beginning of winter will be in a few days, and winter is approaching. Are you ready for the first cream in winter?
Seasonal allergies, unstable skin quality, even dry skin, frequent oily skin + sensitive skin, dry seasons in autumn and winter, skin wants to spend the winter well, facial cream can be said to be a must-have "life-saving" item.

Why is the first cream in winter so popular?

(Summary description)The beginning of winter will be in a few days, and winter is approaching. Are you ready for the first cream in winter?
Seasonal allergies, unstable skin quality, even dry skin, frequent oily skin + sensitive skin, dry seasons in autumn and winter, skin wants to spend the winter well, facial cream can be said to be a must-have "life-saving" item.

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Lidong will be in a few days, 

Winter is approaching, are you ready for the first cream in winter?

Seasonal allergies, unstable skin condition, even dry skin,

Oily skin + sensitive skin appears frequently, the skin is dehydrated in autumn and winter

If you want to spend the winter well, face cream can be said to be a must-have "life-saving" item.

Why is the autumn and winter face cream just needed?


"Chinese Women's Skin Research Report" shows: Asian skin

Thin, easy to lose water and be oxidized by free radicals. 71% of Asian women begin to develop fine lines and dry lines at the age of 25, which is earlier than the world average.

In the dry weather in autumn and winter, pure water lotion also needs the blessing of face cream.

If you don’t apply face cream in autumn and winter, it is easy to make people "dry".

The oil content in the cream is higher, which can better cover the skin surface,

Lock the skin's moisture, make the skin hydrated,

Face cream can be said to be the "popular star" in the dry season.


In order to make the perfect cream to meet the skin quality of Asians and prevent the skin from going downhill, Mingyu specializes in the problems of autumn and winter maintenance. From the aspects of moisturizing, locking water, repairing, anti-aging, freckle, repairing, etc., it comprehensively strengthens the skin quality.

In the first half of 2020, skin care products with repairing and soothing effects

Ushered in explosive growth, a gale of repairing and soothing was blowing.

Relevant data shows that about 36.1% of women in my country are deeply troubled by sensitive muscles, that is, one in every three people has sensitive muscles. Winter is a time when sensitive skin problems frequently occur. Consumers are focusing on products that can not only satisfy moisturizing and nourishment, but also soothing and repairing. Mingyu's soothing and repairing products combine the concerns of people with sensitive skin to choose products. Raw.









Choose safe and effective repair products, gentle repair,

Say goodbye to sensitivity and maintain healthy and stable skin.

The soothing cream is specially formulated for sensitive and fragile skin.

Selected high-quality formula, the cream is delicate and soft, moisturizing and not greasy,

Gently cares for the skin, forming a protective film on the skin surface,

Soothing and repairing the bottom of the skin, the whole set has better effect!


There are more soothing and repairing products, please contact customer service for details!


Fullerene Red Face Cream


As a reputation star product, it is loved for a reason.

Highly moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, easily nourish the skin in autumn and winter.

One of the main reasons for skin aging is to be oxidized to prevent skin aging.

Don’t let fine lines climb on your face, anti-oxidation is an important step.

Fullerene "King of Antioxidant", the strength is stationed in Yan master,

Diamond-grade anti-aging ingredients change the direction of time,

A protective umbrella for fragile skin in autumn and winter,

Resist the invasion of time and stay young and beautiful.

With the micro-current massage bottle cap design, every skin care feels like doing SPA,

One bottle unlocks the skin and muscle density.


Lady Cream


Everyone wants to make their appearance look supple and firm, with a delicate luster,

Then "pour some water" on your skin's age!

Mingyu Cosmetics launched a multi-effect firming and anti-aging facial cream.
Two bottles per bottle to save your lazy cancer.


Lady Day Cream + Lady Nourishing Cream cares for the skin in all directions,

Day-proof and night-care, external repair and internal beauty, no powdery texture,


Make the skin more moisturized and at the same time regulate the complexion, get skin beautification "careful".

Select multiple precious essence skin care ingredients to make the skin "stay" young

The firm state allows you to fall in love with plain makeup without fear of years.


There are more products for "natural and safe skin care, sensitive and fragile skin, dry skin, dull skin, acne skin" and other products; "daily repair, seasonal sensitive period, post-treatment beauty, patented products, etc." are also popular in the market ,For more details, please contact customer service!





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